You can setup your siteskin from [tool] menu > [siteskin] item.

used images tab:
This is a list of images that are used as skin. All images which are licensed by Creative Commons are searched by flickr.

settings tab:
current access location:
Displays the current access environment and search keyword.

user interface:
Can change the opacity of both toolbar and urlbar on mousever/mouseout at the toolbar.

Setups taking images.Explains each settings as follows.

  • number of displayed images
    The whole might not be filled according to the width of a browser. In this case, try to increase the number of displayed images.
  • searching method
    Selects priority of images that are used as skin. Please select from following items.
    1. based on current time.(default)
    2. based on keyword relevance.
  • update interval
    Searches images by every specified time, and composes skin again.