Siteskin is an add-on that provides a skin for specific time and place on the browser. For example, when you connect to the Internet in Paris, the browser gets images related to Paris as the connection site. In addition, the skin will be reconfigured every specific time and images are tiled according to the timeframe (for example, images in morning and evening). Therefore, you may see a fantastic illuminated Arch of Triumph when you check your browser before bedtime.

Browsers repeated actions and pretended to display scenes that are not related to the real world. However, the browsers are extended as “windows to look into the real world” by installing siteskin so developers can provide users with a new experience. Now users can get their own skin by intercommunicating to a real world and spending time there.

– screen shot –

exp. located at “Kyoto”

images credit:

  1. Bamboo grove in Kyoto. owner:gak
  2. Kyoto station_3 owner:Fine Rain
  3. Kyoto: owner:Thomas Tribe
  4. Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan owner:Pet_r
  5. Kyoto Nude 1 owner:apc33
  6. Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto owner:Christopher Chan
  7. Kyoto Station and Shopping area (HDR) owner:EugeniusD80
  8. A Kyoto Street owner:Tavallai